Comparing Islam and Democracy

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Comparing Islam and Democracy Empty Comparing Islam and Democracy

Post by samirisaoui on Tue Jan 07, 2014 3:49 am

Muslims, contrary to other systems of law, are obligated to derive their legislations and laws from Qur’an (The word of God revealed to Muhammad) and the Sunnah (the authentic sayings and actions the Prophet). If any issue is not settled decisively in Qur’an or the Sunnah, Muslims scholars have the full right make decisions based on legislative principles derived from the essence of the texts and if they are in agreement then it becomes a solid ruling. In other words, Muslims are not free to decide over any issue that has been decided clearly by God in the revelation. Otherwise, they are free to think and choose as they will.
Despite the fact that justice and equity are the goals of democracy, they are hoped to be achieved in a secular way. Man will never achieve justice and equality on his own because his desires of power and wealth will get in the way sooner or later. This will likely come from the rich and powerful part of the society. Islam (giving up your desire in submission to God’s will) is the only way true justice and equality can be implemented because it is the system revealed to man from the Compassion of the Perfect One who is All-Knowing and All-Wise.
Democracy gives the unconditioned right to judge to the people. However, in Islam the right is given to the people, but is restricted by what is stated in the revelation which is the words of the Almighty.
In Islam it is the right of the people to criticize the leader’s actions and judgments based on the Divine revelation, contrary to democracy which derives its rules from the legislation and law full of loopholes, which generally hold a leader above any real criticism or accountability.
According to democracy, both male and female are entitled to do same liabilities and responsibilities. The obvious differences in nature between male and female are neglected in Democracy. Such a clear misunderstanding to the nature of the sexes leads to the corruption of family life and then the society at large.
Islam and democracy may share some common features, looking to the shell from the outside. Both of them have clear aims to achieve justice, freedom, and equity. In democracy, it is the people who have the whole right to judge even it was against what God has revealed. This is based on the idea of secularism which makes God second in command to man. Yet in Islam, it is the guidance of the creator of existence as we know it who sets the guidelines about how to run our lives religiously, politically, domestically, financially, and in every other facet of life. Those who submit their will to God in worship (i.e. Muslims) have a responsibility individually and collectively to put His laws above their own.
In Summary, There are positive points in democracy. The most important is considering the opinion of the people as a governing force. This was the main factor in putting an end to many other systems of rule in Europe. These regimes ranged from Church rule to Dictators to Kingdoms all of which the majority were not happy with. So the Secularists have become a majority since the people have lost their faith in the church and the ability of Christianity to provide a comprehensive divine system of living thriving from sincerity and justice. They came up with a system in which man makes and implements the laws and keeps religion a minute factor in the society’s culture. As a result we see a huge moral deprivation and dramatic changes in the Democratic world.
Even God commands the followers of Jesus in the Qur’an
“And let the people of the Gospel rule (themselves) by what God has revealed to them. And whoever does not rule by what God has revealed then they are the defiantly rebellious (against God)” (Qur’an 5:47)
As God has taught the Muslims who received and believed in His final revelation to rule by it, He also encourages those who haven’t accepted it among the Christians to rule with whatever has survived of their revelation. And this is even true if these Christians lived in the Islamic state. They may rule themselves with it as long as this law does not cause corruption. They are even allowed to have their own courts and judges specially made for them. Because God says:
“Let there be no compulsion in religion…”(Qur’an 2:256)
Is this not freedom of religion and personal rule?


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