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Who Was Jesus?

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Who Was Jesus? Empty Who Was Jesus?

Post by Yusuf 72 Sat Nov 23, 2013 12:37 pm

Peace to one and all,
Answering the simple question, who was Jesus [Isa, peace be upon him]?, we, as Muslims, would say he was/is a servant of God Almighty. The Jews falsely charged him with blasphemy as claiming to be God or Son of God. The Christians, except early sects which were annihilated by persecution, and the modern sect of Unitarians, adopted the substance of the claim, and made it the cornerstone of their faith. God cleared Jesus of such a charge or claim.

It is indeed a grave blasphemy to say that Jesus is the Son of God-- God's creation may take any form, but because in any particular form it is different from what we see daily around us, it does not cease to be creation, or ceases to be subject to the Power of God. No creature can be God... including Uzair and Isa, Peace be upon them both. Note this well.
Yusuf 72
Yusuf 72

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